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(BOSC 2015 will be in Dublin)
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BOSC meetings to date:
BOSC meetings to date:
* [[BOSC 2015]] Europe...
* [[BOSC 2015]] Dublin, Ireland
* [[BOSC 2014]] Boston, MA USA
* [[BOSC 2014]] Boston, MA USA
* [[BOSC 2013]] Berlin, Germany
* [[BOSC 2013]] Berlin, Germany

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The Bosc Pear

The Bioinformatics Open Source Conference is held annually (as a satellite of the ISCB's annual ISMB conference) to promote and facilitate open source development of bioinformatics tools. The aims of the conferences are to:

  1. Provide developers with a forum for displaying the results of their development efforts to the wider research community;
  2. Provide a focused environment for developers and users to interact and share ideas about software development, and practical techniques in bioinformatics;
  3. Inform the Research Community of important developments occurring within the Open Source Bioinformatics Developer community.

BOSC meetings to date:

In recent years the BOSC meetings have been preceded by a two day Codefest, an informal developer meeting.

Other conferences

  • A BioPerl workshop was held in conjunction with ISMB'99 in Heidelberg, Germany.