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'''Minutes of past Board Meetings:'''
'''Minutes of past Board Meetings:'''
* [[Minutes:2010_ConfCall| Conference call Oct 5, 2010]]
* [[Minutes:2010_ConfCall| Conference call Oct 5, 2010]]
* [[Minutes:2010 BOSC Meeting| 2010 BOSC Meeting]]
* [[Minutes:2009_ConfCall|Conference call Dec 14, 2009]]
* [[Minutes:2009_ConfCall|Conference call Dec 14, 2009]]
* [[Minutes:2009 BOSC Meeting| 2009 BOSC Meeting]]
* [[Minutes:2009 BOSC Meeting| 2009 BOSC Meeting]]

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Board of Directors

The board can be contacted via email at board@open-bio.org


Jason Stajich 
BioPerl core developer. Assistant Professor at University of California, Riverside.


Chris Dagdigian 
BioPerl co-founder & O|B|F sysadmin. Employed by the BioTeam.


Currently Unfilled. Duties carried out by Parliamentarian in the interim.


Hilmar Lapp 
Representing BioPerl. Employed by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent).

At-large members

Nomi Harris 
Member of the Berkeley Bioinformatics Open-Source Projects group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Past Board Members

Ewan Birney 
Past President and At-large Member, BioPerl core developer. Coordinator of the EBI half of the Ensembl genome annotation project.
Andrew Dalke 
Past Secretary, Representing BioPython & Dalke Scientific.
Steven E. Brenner 
Past At-large member, Associate Professor at University of California, Berkeley.
Kam Dahlquist 
Past At-large Member, Associate Professor at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.

Board of Directors Meetings

Minutes of past Board Meetings:

Nominating Committee

According to the bylaws, the Nominating Committee "shall attempt to contact members of the Board of Directors and active members of the OBF in an effort to identify eligible members interested in serving on the Board of Directors, and to solicit nominations from the general membership." (see Art. IV.7) It consists of "the Parliamentarian and a minimum of 2 active members of the O|B|F."

Currently serving:

  1. Hilmar Lapp, BoD, Parliamentarian
  2. Scott Markel, active member
  3. Aaron Mackey, active member