Codefest 2015

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OpenBio Codefest 2015 will take place July 8th and 9th, 2015 (the Wednesday and Thursday before BOSC 2015) in Dublin, Ireland. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in open science, biology and programming to meet, discuss and work collaboratively. Everyone is welcome to attend.

This is the sixth annual pre-BOSC Codefest. Previous fun and successful events were Codefest 2010 in Boston, Codefest 2011 in Vienna, Codefest 2012 in Los Angeles, Codefest 2013 in Berlin, and Codefest 2014 in Boston.

What to expect

OpenBio Codefest is a collaborative two day get together

The goals for the two days are determined entirely by attendees. Please add your ideas to the shared Google document We'll use this brainstorming discussion document to organize everyone at the start of the event.


You are very welcome to attend. There is no cost, we only ask you to register to help organize numbers. Please add yourself if you are interested to this Google spreadsheet We'll coordinate through the Codefest 2015 mailing list, so please sign up to discuss and receive updates.


We're actively working on finding a location for Codefest 2015 in Dublin. If you are local and able to help, please get in touch with Brad.