BioJava 1.3 Released

Thomas Down writes:

After a long series of pre-releases (and many bug fixes), I’ve
just finished building BioJava 1.30. Source, binaries, and
javadocs can all be found at:

As with the pre-releases, separate binaries are available for
java platform releases 1.3 and 1.4. The 1.4 releases include
some extra features which depend on jdk1.4 extensions such
as the java.nio package.

Highlights of this release include:

– Packed storage of sequence data in memory

– Better support for the OBDA database access standards

– Improvements to the parsers for output from tools like
blast and fasta.

– Many enhancements to the FeatureFilter system.

Please check out the javadocs for information on these and
other new features.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to recomment the
excellent BioJava in Anger website, which is now hosted

Thanks to everyone who has made this release possible:

Aroul Ramadass
Brian Gilman
Brian King
Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT)
David Allen
David H. Klatte, Ph.D.
David Huen
David Waring
Ewan Birney
Francois Pepin
Gerald Loeffler
Greg Cox
Hanning Ni
Jason Stajich
Kalle Naslund
Keith James
Kim Rutherford
Lachlan Coin
Laurent Jourdren
Leen Ammeraal
Lei Lai
Mark Schreiber
Martin Senger
Matthew Pocock
Mayo Foundation
Michael Heuer
Michael Jones
Moses Hohman
Nimesh Singh
Paul Seed
Rhett Sutphin
Robin Emig
Ron Kuhn
Russell Smithies
Samiul Hasan
Thad Welch
Thomas Down

I hope you all find it useful,