Biopython 1.40 beta released

We are pleased to announce the release of Biopython 1.40 beta. It has
been nine months since the last official release (1.30), and there are numerous
changes, bugfixes, enhancements, goodies and new contributors. Most
notable are the addition of the Nexus parser (Frank Kauff w/ Cymon Cox), the CAPS module (Jonathan Taylor), the Restriction enzyme package
(Frederic Sohm), hefty improvements to Bio.PDB (Thomas Hamelryck),
MutableSeq (Michiel de Hoon), and more. The delay in the release was
caused by day jobs creeping into the lives of most core developers. So
we are very happy with this release finally out, and we hope to have the
non-beta out soon.

Too many people to thank, so only a handful are mentioned: Michiel and
Thomas, thanks for keeping tabs on things during the release process;
Jonathan, Frederic and Frank, thanks for the new modules. Jeff Chang, thanks for all the help and pointers in getting the release out, and for the
documentation you meticulously wrote for that purpose. Thanks to all the developers for making this happen, and apologies for not mentioning you all by name and work. There are >170 members on the developers mailing list, 46
people in the CONTRIB file, and if you feel you should be there and
you’re not, let us know.

Iddo Friedberg on behalf of the Biopython development team.