New Wiki Content

I’ve started migrating content to the Wiki Site. I am hoping this will work out well. We need a couple of things.

  1. Decide on a theme for this site, customize it to make it a Bioperl style. Consider having a unifying style across all the O|B|F sites as Chris started doing with the foundation site.
  2. Generate a project image (or several that can be rotated) for the header on the site, something with a camel and DNA and images of phylogenetic trees and BLAST searches would be cool.
  3. Generate a bioperl logo. I’ve started playing with a few things, I’ll upload ideas next week.
  4. Migrate static content (DIST) and content that is synced from CVS (SRC, HOWTOs) over here. Also some of the Core Documentation pages are pod2html ified and I think we need to figure out how to keep them up to date.

I imagine that this site would be a place to post announcements, blog current code updates, and provide a simple clean interface to Bioperl information. The Wiki site will provide more community documentation and a way to keep tutorials and installation help up-to-date.

I’m going to start a wiki list of these things that need to be done so we can coordinate our efforts and get ideas from the community.

There was a request for a forum-like software, something like Genetic Software Forum that has been setup. But this would duplicate some of the email list traffic and I am not sure that we can get developers to both read email and post to the website forum. We are stick in the mud about some things I suspect.