Publications and projects which reference BioPerl

I’ve been updating the Publications page on the wiki to keep track of the number of pubs and projects which use BioPerl. Google scholar seems to get a lot of these correct, sometimes there are redundancies, but generally has been a good place to find this list. The other way is to go to each of the journal’s home pages, and search for “BioPerl” in the content, that can be tedious though….

2 thoughts on “Publications and projects which reference BioPerl”

  1. jamesw says:

    Is it not possible to use Web of Knowledge’s citation index? Would you have to pay to extract the information in a required format…

  2. jason says:

    I do use ISI but it of course only lists when people cite the 2002 Genome Res paper (132 citations as of today) but a majority of people using the project for published work are saying “we used BioPerl 1.4” or “we used the following tools Bioperl (” which are not indexed by ISI so do not count as a citation.

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