Discussions about modules that run BLAST

Some discussion about changing how the RemoteBlast module behaves. If you have feedback respond to Roger’s post.

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2 thoughts on “Discussions about modules that run BLAST”

  1. cjfields says:

    Jason, sorry to bother you about this but the additional links that you added at the end don’t link for some reason. Not really sure why, but I tried it in Firefox and IE (ugh) and got nothing. I can see the links when I logged in.

    Also, any reason why comments need to be approved?  I tried posting several times and got nothing, but then I checked the coments section of this page when I logged in and (voila!) there they are!

  2. Fixed them, some sort of weird xhref in link instead of href, maybe javascript was screwed up when I was editing the post.

    Also I promoted you to author so you can post news I think.

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