Biopython CVS to git migration

The release of Biopython 1.52 earlier this week marked the end of an era, it was our last release using CVS for source code control.

As of now, Biopython is using a git repository, hosted on who kindly provide git hosting for open source projects free of charge. The BioRuby project have been using github for some time, so we are in good company.

Our existing OBF hosted CVS repository will be maintained in the short to medium term as a backup, but will not be updated.

Although many people have been involved in this move, we’d like to thank Bartek Wilczynski in particular for handling the CVS to git conversion, and the mirroring our CVS updates to git during the transition period. In the next few weeks hopefully we’ll get our git usage wiki pages perfected, as we start using git for real.