BOSC 2010 Call for Abstracts

Abstract submissions for the 11th Annual Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC 2010) are now open.

BOSC is an ISMB 2010 Special Interest Group (SIG)
Date: July 9-10, 2010
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
BOSC 2010 web site:
Abstract submission via Open Conference System site:
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Important Dates
April 15: Abstract deadline
May 5:  Notification of accepted abstracts
May 28: Early Registration Discount Cut-off date
July 8-9:  Codefest 2010
July 9-10: BOSC 2010
August 15:  Manuscript deadline for BOSC 2010 Proceedings published in BMC Bioinformatics

The Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC) is sponsored by the Open Bioinformatics Foundation (O|B|F), a non-profit group dedicated to promoting the practice and philosophy of Open Source software development within the biological research community. To be considered for acceptance, software systems representing the central topic in a presentation submitted to BOSC must be licensed with a recognized Open Source License, and be freely available for download in source code form.

We have some exciting things planned this year, including:

We invite abstracts for talks at the following sessions:

OpenBio SolutionChallenge — Bioinformatics library providers: please join us in a friendly competition to solve a shared biological problem, demonstrating the utility of your toolkit alongside other developers. Instead of the traditional Bio* updates that we’ve had at previous conferences, this year, we’re planning to organize these talks around a central theme: the OpenBio Solution Challenge. We start with a biological question of general interest, and the project talks will focus around how you would solve that problem using your toolkit and programming language. This is meant to provide a challenge for OpenBio contributors, a nice tutorial style overview of various projects and approaches for other programmers, and a fun opportunity to compete and learn from other projects. Conference attendees will vote on their favorite solution, with the winner receiving fame and fortune (warning: fortune not guaranteed). Specific challenges are being discussed on the SolutionChallenge page and through the various Bio* mailing lists. Alternately, each project could highlight a challenge that they particularly do well, focusing tutorial-style on how to solve a particular problem.