O|B|F Google Summer of Code Accepted Students

I’m pleased to announce the acceptance of OBF’s 2010 Google Summer of Code students, listed in alphabetical order with their project titles and primary mentors:

Mark Chapman (PM Andreas Prlic) – Improvements to BioJava including Implementation of Multiple Sequence Alignment Algorithms

Jianjiong Gao (PM Peter Rose) – BioJava Packages for Identification, Classification, and Visualization of Posttranslational Modification of Proteins

Kazuhiro Hayashi (PM Naohisa Goto) – Ruby 1.9.2 support of BioRuby

Sara Rayburn (PM Christian Zmasek) – Implementing Speciation & Duplication Inference Algorithm for Binary and Non-binary Species Tree

Joao Pedro Garcia Lopes Maia Rodrigues (PM Eric Talevich) – Extending Bio.PDB: broadening the usefulness of BioPython’s Structural Biology module

Jun Yin (PM Chris Fields) – BioPerl Alignment Subsystem Refactoring

Congratulations to our accepted students!

All told, we had 52 applications submitted for the 6 slots (5 originally assigned, plus 1 extra) allotted to us by Google.  Proposals were extremely competitive: 6 out of 52 translates to an 11.5% acceptance rate.  We received a lot of really excellent proposals, the decisions were not easy.

Thanks very much to all the students who applied, we very much appreciate your hard work.

Here’s to a great 2010 Summer of Code, I’m sure these students will do wonderful work.

Rob Buels
O|B|F GSoC 2010 Administrator