Announcing OBF Google Summer of Code Accepted Students

I’m very pleased and excited to announce that the Open Bioinformatics Foundation has selected 6 very capable students to work on OBF projects this summer as part of the Google Summer of Code program.

The accepted students, their projects, and their mentors (in alphabetical order):

Justinas Vygintas Daugmaudis
Michele dos Santos da Silva
(2 students!)
Mocapy++Biopython: from data to probabilistic models of biomolecules
mentored by Thomas Hamelryck and Eric Talevich

Chuan Hock Koh
BioJava – Amino acids physico-chemical properties calculation
mentored by Peter Troshin, Andreas Prlic, and Jay Vyas

Michał Koziarski
Representing bio-objects and related information with images
mentored by Raoul J.P. Bonnal and Francesco Strozzi

Sheena Scroggins
Major BioPerl Reorganization
mentored by Robert Buels and Chris Fields

Mikael Eric Trellet
Interface analysis module for BioPython
mentored by João Rodrigues and Eric Talevich

Once again this year, we received many great applications and ideas. However, funding and mentor resources are limited, and we were not able to accept as many as we would have liked.  Our deepest thanks to all the students who applied: we sincerely appreciate the time and effort you put into your applications, and hope you will still consider being a part of the OBF’s open source projects, even without Google funding.  I speak for myself and all of the mentors who read and scored applications when I say that we were truly honored by the number and quality of the applications we received.

For the accepted students: congratulations!  You have risen to the top of a very competitive application process.  Now it’s time to “put your money where your mouth is”, as the saying goes.  Let’s get out there and write some great code this summer!