Server transition process to AWS servers

Our aging server which has run for 5+ years the OBF sites has finally reached end of its lifespan. We are currently migrating sites to AWS volumes and sites for a temporary period while we decide about how to continue to support these services in the future.  There will be some downtime while the all-volunteer OBF admin team makes time to fix this.

Nearly all projects use public source code repositories such as github or sourceforge so no problems with access to the code should be limiting. Mailing lists are still using the old server but will be moved to the AWS site in the next few days and we are working to have little downtime for the lists.  Mediawiki sites are moving in stages and so far Bioperl, Biopython, and the OBF wikis have been migrated.  This news site has also been migrated to AWS and this is the 1st post from it (will it work!?)

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