Call for Ideas for OBF’s 2014 Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code is on again for 2014, and OBF is once again applying as a mentoring organization. Participating in GSoC as an organization is very competitive, and we will need your help in gathering a good set of ideas and potential mentors.

Since OBF is an umbrella organization covering several member projects, most of these GSoC ideas will likely be associated with a specific Bio* community. For our GSoC application, and for the convenience of students, we aggregate each Bio* project’s ideas on the GSoC page of the OBF wiki, but the details of each idea are posted on the specific Bio* project’s own wiki. So, if you have an idea for a Summer of Code project, please post your idea on your Bio* project mailing list for discussion and start an outline on the corresponding wiki page. Feel free to reuse or adapt ideas from 2013 or previous years that were not taken on by a student already, if you feel the idea is still viable.

We also welcome ideas that fit with OBF’s mission but are not part of a single Bio* project, or span multiple projects — these ideas can be posted on the OBF wiki page and discussed on the OBF mailing list.

Potential students, we’re interested in your ideas, too! This is a good occasion to introduce yourself to the OBF community.  If you have an idea for something you’d particularly like to work on during GSoC 2014, please ask us on the mailing list and we’ll try to find a suitable mentor.

Here’s to another fun and productive Summer of Code!

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