OBF applies for Google Summer of Code 2014

On Friday, OBF applied to be a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2014. The core of our application to Google is our list of project ideas and our team of mentors supporting them. (We also have a separate page for general information about GSoC and OBF’s involvement.) As another way to interact with potential GSoC students, we’ve created a Google Plus page for OBF and a G+ community for OBF’s GSoC activities.

Highlights of this year’s Ideas list:

  • All of the Bio* projects (except BioSQL and EMBOSS) are represented. BioPerl contributed the greatest number of ideas.
  • The BioJava team focused on a Java implementation of the Structural Biology Markup Language called JSBML. The JSBML developers created a SBML-specific list of GSoC ideas, which we’ve included under the OBF umbrella. There is also a great opportunity here to support SBML in other languages and Bio* projects through the JVM.
  • We also have a category for cross-language project ideas, i.e. those involving two or more programming languages or Bio* project communities.

But for now we have a lull, until Feb. 24 when Google announces the accepted mentoring organizations. (Fingers crossed!)

Thanks to everyone who helped us pull together this application. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on how this process went and how we can keep adapting for future GSoCs.

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