Public OBF Board of Directors Meeting

The next public Board of Directors Meeting of the OBF will take place on May 12th, 2015, at 17:00 UTC (1pm EDT, 10am PDT, 19:00 CEST, see World Clock). The developing agenda for the meeting is posted, as are the dial-in details.

We will have Board elections at this meeting. The terms of Directors Jason Stajich and Chris Dagdigian expire, and they will both step down from the Board. As most of you will know, both have provided truly extraordinary service to the OBF, from the earliest beginnings of the organization and in fact the very community around it. They provided leadership when few others did, and they were there during the most challenging times of OBF.  If you won’t be able to attend the meeting, please still find the time to express your appreciation to them for their service, and the work they continue to volunteer.

We also have a candidate, Karen Cranston, running for a seat on the Board. If you have not yet met her, Karen (Github, Twitter) is the Training Coordinator and Informatics Project Manager at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent). She is an evolutionary biologist interested in phylogenetic methods and is the lead PI of Open Tree of Life, an NSF-funded project to synthesize published evolutionary trees. She’s helped organize many events for open source and data interoperability in biology, including Phyloinformatics Summer of Code, iEvoBio, hackathons, and Data / Software Carpentry workshops.

I look forward to the Board meeting, and to seeing many of you in July at the 2015 BOSC in Dublin.

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Hilmar Lapp, President, OBF Board of Directors

Update: Karen Cranston was elected to the board at the 12 May Public OBF Board Meeting.

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