New BioJava Logo Design Competition

BioJava is organizing a design competition to come up with a new logo.
Anybody can participate:

  • The logo should look modern and be better than the current one (yellow

  • The logo should be able to be rendered as a favicon, as well as large
    (e.g. on a t-shirt). Designs that come in two (or multiple) sizes are ok.

  • Logos shall not look similar in any way to the trademarked Java
    programming language logo. This means no coffee cups in any way.

Deadline for submissions is July 4th.

Announcement of Winner:
The winner of the new logo competition will be announced during BOSC 2016.

We will print t-shirts with the new logo and the designer will get a free

If the designer of the winning new logo will be attending ISMB 2016, the
attending BioJava developers will take the winner out for dinner.

BioJava will carry the new logo on its homepage and GitHub Profile

For full details of the competition and how to make a submission please
view here:

Result Update:

As announced via the mailing list and at BOSC 2016, the winning logo was by Aleix Latifa:

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