BioRuby 1.5.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of BioRuby 1.5.1.

In this new release, NCBI Entrez web client classes, Bio::NCBI::REST and Bio::PubMed, are changed to use HTTPS instead of HTTP, to prepare NCBI website transitioning to HTTPS.

For more information, see RELEASE_NOTES.rdoc and ChangeLog.

The archive is available for download from the following links.

You can easily install by using RubyGems. First, check the
version number by using search command:

% gem search --remote bio

and find “bio (1.5.1)” in the list. Then,

% sudo gem install bio

Note that BioRuby 1.5.X will be the final release version that supports Ruby 1.8.

Because this release is a minor version up, only few changes picked from the git head are included.

Acknowledgments: Thanks to Dr. Mark Johnson about information of the NCBI website change.

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