Travel Award Recipients For April 2019

We are pleased to announce the April 2019 OBF Travel Fellowship recipients. The OBF Travel Fellowship program, established in 2016, aims to increase diverse participation at events related to open source bioinformatics. After carefully evaluating a competitive set of applications submitted from all around the globe, we were able to extend offers to five deserving applicants: Sara El-Gebali, Angela Wanjugu Muraya, Saket Choudhary, Aziz Khan and Vid Ayer. They have all accepted the award, and we are looking forward to hearing about their experiences.

Congratulations to our April 2019 recipients:

·      Sara El-Gebali will be attending CarpentryConnect Manchester 2019 (CCMcr19). Sarah has been involved in delivering workshops and breakout sessions at various events including Mozilla Festival, Cambridge Science Festival and international Data curation conference. During CarpentryConnect, she intends to invite participants to create a comprehensive “Do’s and Don’ts” checklist when preparing for a training session for different countries and audiences.

·      Angela Wanjuga Muraya participated in an Open Science hackathon as a member of the Open ScienceKe team at Africa Open Science and Hardware Summit 2019 where she researched and explored the status of Open Science in the local institutions.  

·      Saket Choudhray will attend BOSC 2019, where will he give a talk about his Python package pysradb, which provides a collection of command line methods to query and download metadata and data from SRA utilizing the curated metadata database available through the SRAdb project. Saket has been actively involved in open source software development contributing to Biopython, Galaxy, bcbio-nextgen and Bioconda recipes.

·      Aziz Khan will be attending BOSC 2019 to give a presentation about ECRcentral platform that helps early career researchers to find research fellowships and travel grants and to share experiences, resources and feedback. Aziz has been involved in the development of several open-source bioinformatics tools and resources.

·      Vid Ayer will attend BOSC 2019 and plans to conduct a Bird Of Feathers (BOF) session on Research Data Management. Having completed her Software Carpentry training, Vid has been actively mentoring and inspiring fellow women researchers to be more involved in open source software development.

The next deadline for travel awards is August 15, 2019. You can apply to travel to participate in any event that develops or promotes open source development and open science in the biological research community. The program is aimed at increasing diverse participation at such events.

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