Minutes:2019 BOSC

The July 2019 Open Bioinformatics Foundation Public Board Meeting was held in person, as a Birds-of-Feather during the 2nd day lunch period of the 2019 BOSC.

Date, Location and Dial-In

Date and time: July 25, 12:45pm CEST
Venue: Congress Center Basel, Switzerland, in the Dehli Room (ground floor, same room as BOSC)
Dial-In for participating remotely: expired


Old business:

  1. Approve minutes from March 2018 Public Board Meeting

New business:

  1. Term expirations and Elections to the Board (electronic ballot)
    • Malvika Sharan, running for Board member at-large
    • Karen Cranston’s term as Board member at-large expired in 2018, and she chose not to run for another term.
    • The terms of several current Board members (Hilmar Lapp, Peter Cock, Chris Fields, Nomi Harris) are expiring this year, but are deferred to later this year for re-election.
  2. Fiscal sponsor
    • Update on fiscal sponsor situation
    • Revamping the process for OBF’s financial reports
  3. OBF Code of Conduct
  4. Open floor
    • Opportunities to engage
    • Revisiting vision and mission


The meeting minutes are available in the obf-docs Github repository.