OBF Public Board Meeting (July 2019)

On July 25, 2019, the OBF held a public Board meeting in Basel, Switzerland. Organized as a Birds of a Feather session at BOSC 2019, the meeting was open to all attendees at ISMB. All but one of the current Board members were present (Secretary Chris Fields called in), as well as a number of ISMB/BOSC attendees. At the meeting, Malvika Sharan was elected as a new Board member. Other topics of discussion included the need for a Code of Conduct that applies to member projects as well as covering the yearly BOSC meeting; the policy for accepting new member projects; revisiting the OBF’s mission statement; and considering whether the OBF should issue position statements. The meeting minutes are here. There will be another public Board meeting near the end of 2019 to vote on Board members whose terms are ending.

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