OBF Board elections, December 2019

During the public OBF Board Meeting held on December 17, 2019, elections were held for five Board members whose terms were about to expire. All five stood for re-election to the Board, though with some changes of officers:

  • Hilmar Lapp: stepped down after 8 years as President of the Board; elected to At-Large seat.
  • Peter Cock: elected as President of the Board.
  • Heather Wiencko: elected as Treasurer, replacing previous Treasurer Peter Cock.
  • Chris Fields: re-elected as Secretary.
  • Nomi Harris: re-elected as At-Large Board member.

In accordance with the OBF Bylaws, the newly elected Board members and officers will serve a three-year term.

The Board thanked Hilmar for his many years as President. Hilmar oversaw or supported many major changes including moving to SPI as a fiscal sponsor, introduction of the Travel Fellowships, and our ongoing work to introduce a code of conduct and formalise our affiliate project policy. We are grateful that Hilmar will continue to contribute to the Board as a member at large.