BCC2020 pre-conference open house

virtual open house

After much discussion, the BCC2020 organizing committee has decided to hold the meeting on Remo.co, which is similar to Zoom but offers a more conference-like experience, with “floors” and “tables” where you can mingle with other attendees. It has great small group and presentation support, including for posters and demos. It’s also more fun than most online conference platforms.

Because Remo is not familiar to most BCC participants, we are holding two open houses, one in each hemisphere, the day before BCC training starts. These walk-throughs will introduce participants to Remo’s features and demonstrate how to navigate between sessions, poster/demos, BoFs, training and everything else.

All registered participants will receive invites by email the day before the open houses. If you’re not already registered, remember that the early registration discount ends on July 10, and registration will close on July 15.

The events below show up in the Eastern US timezone (ET) but you can follow the instructions to switch to your local timezone.

We are looking forward to showing you the BCC venue. (But you’ll have to bring your own snacks.)

2 thoughts on “BCC2020 pre-conference open house”

  1. Ann Loraine says:

    Hi everybody! Looking forward to the meeting(s)! (Getting really sick of my home office.)

  2. Edward Montague says:

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