OBF Membership Referendum

During our last public Board meeting, the OBF announced two new initiatives that are being proposed for approval by the OBF membership in a formal votes.

1. OBF Community Support Sponsorship: a proposed new grant programme, based on the OBF Event Fellowships but aimed at supporting grassroots projects running events in their own communities. For details see:

2. Code of Conduct: BOSC has a code of conduct, as part of the parent conference, but OBF does not yet have its own code of conduct. This pull request lays out a Code of Conduct for the OBF that, if approved by a membership vote, will replace the content on https://www.open-bio.org/code-of-conduct/. For details see:

The deadline to vote is January 10, 2022 (NOTE: later extended to January 17.). All active OBF members should have received an email ballot on December 28 from Helios Voting with “OBF Membership Referendum” in the subject line. If you didn’t receive a ballot (and you’ve already checked your junk/spam mail folder), please contact us (board atsign open-bio.org).