Google Summer of Code 2022 – time for project ideas!

Hi everyone!

My name is Melissa and I’m happy to be collaborating with OBF as lead GSoC admin this year along with support from Yo Yehudi. I had a great (virtual) time at BOSC 2021 as an Outreachy intern and am glad to be supporting another internship program this year.

It’s time to start coming up with GSoC project ideas again! Below is some info that should help with that.

To refresh your mind…

These were last year’s projects:

In that link you will find short project descriptions and the work developed by students.

2022 project ideas

This year, projects can be medium-sized (~175 hours) or large-sized (~350 hours). 

There is something new compared to previous years: projects can now take 12-22 weeks to complete. From GSoC’s website:

“Rather than a mandatory 12-week program that runs from June – August with everyone required to finish their projects by the end of the 12th week, we are opening it up so mentors and their GSoC Contributors can decide together if they want to extend the deadline for the project up to 22 weeks”.

Please add your project ideas to the following document by THURSDAY FEBRUARY 17 (using suggest mode):

– you can add ideas after this if needed, but we need as many fully fleshed ideas as possible already online for the organization review phase.

Time commitment + have co-mentors!

Mentors should expect a commitment of at least 5-8 hours per week during the coding phase. However, there’s an exploration and student application period, when they may (and probably will) start contacting the projects they’re interested in. Mentors should be able to answer questions during that time and also be available for 3 weeks of “community bonding”. Scroll down to see the timeline:

Communicate with students! Once the project starts, ideally mentors and students should have at least one video conference contact hour per week, plus likely at least twice that in email/chat during the week.

Make sure you have 2-3 mentors for every project idea to cover you in case something comes up (such as covid-related downtime, illness, caring, or anything else).

If you’re interested in helping us with org admin duties, we’d love to have you on board and are willing to provide you support and mentoring while you learn how to do it. Email to discuss it.

Please subscribe to OBF GSoC mailing lists!

If you haven’t already, please join both lists below – mentors and general. The mentors list will be used until (if) we’re accepted as an organization, as well as to send reminders of actions required. The general list will become more active once (if) we have any students.

Code of Conduct

The OBF has recently voted to adopt the code of conduct presented here:

Please take a few minutes to read it, as it should also provide guidelines for this year’s OBF’s participation in GSoC.

Any questions?

If you have any questions please email either the mentor group ( or the admin group ( You can also reach out on Twitter to schedule a call.

Thank you,