Call for applications for OBF Event Fellowship, Round 1 of 2022

Announcement drafted by Malvika Sharan, Caleb Kibet and Hilya Zahroh, with the OBF Board’s input.

The call for applications for the OBF Event Fellowship 2022, round 1 is now open. The deadline for this round is 1 April 2022. Applications should be submitted via this Google Form. We have provided a Word template to help you draft the application locally before filling the form – make a copy of this template.

We invite applications from candidates who are seeking financial support to attend or host scientific events in 2022. These events can be conferences, workshops, code fests, hackathons, training courses, collaborative sprints, informal meet-ups or other skill-building and networking events. The selected awardees can use the OBF Event Fellowship to cover conference registration fees and potentially additional expenses associated with attending or hosting the event. Please read details about what this fellowship award will and will not cover. For instance, group applications are not in scope, but if multiple members of the same group would like to attend the same event, each member should send their application separately. If members of an organising committee would like to apply for support for hosting an event, the application should be sent by one person (preferably the lead organiser). More details regarding the fellowship application, review, and reimbursement process can be found on our website:

Your application with required details allows reviewers to make informed decisions!

Our efforts with this fellowship are to support members from underrepresented demographic groups including but not limited to diverse ethnic backgrounds, career stages, sexuality, gender identity and expression, people with disabilities and members from low-income backgrounds (such as from developing nations). The goal is to create opportunities for exposure to open science practises in bioinformatics and enhance collaboration among diverse researchers by covering participation costs for attendees from underrepresented groups.

In the previous rounds, we received many applications that did not provide us with sufficient information to allow us to make informed decisions about what applicants hoped to gain from the conference they selected to attend, and how their participation contributes to the overall goals of the OBF Event fellowship programme. We encourage all applicants to read our review process before drafting their applications. We have also added our rubrics for review to keep the process transparent and supportive for our applicants, read them here.

We have recently announced that Caleb Kibet and Hilyatuz Zahroh will join Malvika Sharan as co-chairs of the OBF Event Fellowship (read details). We have also announced a round-up from the 2021 fellowship.

If you have questions, please contact the OBF board by emailing

Cover photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash.