BOSC and Bio-Ontologies: Even better together!

We are excited to announce that BOSC and Bio-Ontologies will join forces for part of a day at ISMB 2022. The joint session will include talks chosen from abstracts submitted to BOSC or Bio-Ontologies, plus a keynote speaker who is well known in both the ontology and open science communities!

BOSC and Bio-Ontologies are two of the longest-running COSIs (Communities of Special Interest) at ISMB: BOSC started in 2000 and Bio-Ontologies in 1998. Bio-Ontologies focuses on the FAIR development and application of ontologies and other Linked Open Data resources and the organization and dissemination of knowledge in biomedicine and the life sciences; BOSC covers the full spectrum of open source, open science, open data and open standards in the life sciences.

You can submit relevant abstracts to either BOSC or Bio-Ontologies (please do not double-submit the same abstract); the Program Chairs of both COSIs will consider appropriate abstracts for the joint session.

Both BOSC and Bio-Ontologies will take place July 13-14, 2022. The time and date of the joint session will be announced in May.