BOSC Early Poster Acceptance

ISMB/BOSC is around the corner! We can hardly wait for the abstracts to start pouring in!

We realize that some people can’t get conference travel approval from their institution until they get confirmation that their abstract has been accepted for a presentation.

To help you, this year we have decided to offer Early Poster Acceptance: if you submit your abstract by March 31, we will let you know by April 6 whether it has been accepted or not for (at least) a poster. (The regular abstract submission deadline is April 20, and authors who submit in that round will be informed of poster/talk acceptance on May 11.)

When you submit your abstract, you can choose to only apply for a poster, or to apply for a poster and a talk. If you choose poster+talk, then after the Early Poster Acceptance round your abstract will stay in the pool for the regular review round and you will find out on May 11 whether you got a talk slot.

Ready your keyboards, and good luck!

Key dates
March 31: Early Poster Acceptance submission deadline
April 6: Notification of poster acceptance
April 20: Regular submission deadline
May 11: Notification of talk and/or poster acceptance


Q: How do I submit my abstract for the Early Poster Acceptance round?
A: The same way all abstracts are submitted to BOSC: see for instructions and submission link.

Q: Can I submit in the Early Poster Acceptance round if I want to be considered for a talk?
A: Yes, though you won’t get early notification about whether your abstract was chosen for a talk. All abstracts submitted early will be reviewed for possible talk acceptance in the regular review round, and you will be informed whether you got a talk on May 11.

Q: Will I get a full review of my submission in the Early Poster Acceptance round?
A: No, you will just get “accepted for poster” or “declined for poster”. However, your abstract will get a full review in the regular round, and the reviews will be sent to you on May 11.

Q: What are the criteria for poster acceptance in the Early Poster Acceptance round?
A: Please see for the criteria, but note that early submissions will receive a streamlined review in the Quick Check round. They will go through a full review in the regular round.

Q: What are the possible outcomes in this Early Poster Acceptance round?
A: 1. Accepted for poster (to be considered for talk in the regular round, if you requested a talk)
2. Declined
3. Deferred (we can’t decide; you will need to wait for a full review in the regular round).
(We do not expect many submissions to fall into category #3.)

Q: Can I present a talk AND a poster at BOSC?
A: Yes! In fact, all abstracts accepted for talks are also invited to present a poster on the same topic. This is unaffected by early submission.

Q: Are other COSIs also doing an Early Poster Acceptance round?
A: We don’t know; you’d have to check with them. (But it was BOSC’s idea first.:-)

2 thoughts on “BOSC Early Poster Acceptance”

  1. Anja says:

    Hi there,
    I noticed that in the early poster submission instructions on this website, the early poster submission URLs link to the bosc-2022 website instead of the bosc-2023 EasyChair website. Is this intentional?

    1. Nomi Harris says:

      Anja, thanks so much for noticing that! There are two Submit buttons on One of them pointed to the 2023 EasyChair; the other (as you noticed) pointed erroneously to the 2022 one! I have now fixed it. Thanks again for reporting this issue!

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