Hannah Wei webinar video now available

On March 14, 2023, we held a webinar (hosted by ISCBacademy) about “Re-Thinking the Patient’s Role in a Learning Health System: Lessons from the Patient-Led Research Collaborative” presented by Hannah Wei, co-founder and technologist at the Patient-Led Research Collaborative. See the webinar announcement for a full description.

BOSC organizing committee member Monica Munoz-Torres introduced Ms. Wei and fielded a lively Q&A session. The webinar recording is available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/M2vAotWKd_Q.

The ISCBacademy is a series of free webinars offered by the ISCB, which runs the annual ISMB conference, through the ISCB Communities of Special Interest (COSIs), which include BOSC/OBF. Each COSI gets two webinar slots per year, so watch for our next one in fall 2023!