OBF and BOSC leaving Twitter/X

As of November 21, 2023, the Open Bioinformatics Foundation and BOSC will no longer post on Twitter/X. Although in the past it was a useful social medium, it is no longer compatible with our values, as expressed in the OBF Code of Conduct:

We are committed to creating a friendly and respectful place for learning, sharing and contributing. All participants in our events and communications are expected to show respect and courtesy to others.

Currently, we are not planning to delete our X/Twitter accounts (@OBF_NEWS and @OBF_BOSC); we will leave them as archives.

Even before recent events prompted our final departure, we were already transitioning off of X in favor of other social media. You can find us at:

We encourage our community to join us on these platforms that foster respectful and constructive dialogue.

One thought on “OBF and BOSC leaving Twitter/X

  1. You do not clearly explain what X/Twitter – has that contravenes your values above – I am no apologist for Musk or X but I still find it useful – please reconsider using it as some of us use it quite a lot –


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