Community comment period open for potential BOSC 2024 keynotes

We asked our community to nominate potential BOSC keynote speakers, and we were pleased with the great suggestions! In the next phase of our process, we’re giving you a chance to let us know if there is anything that makes any of the nominated individuals NOT appropriate as BOSC keynote speakers.

Our invited speaker process and rubric gives examples of some possible reasons for exclusion. If you have concerns about any of the people on our list, please let us know (with as much specificity as you feel comfortable providing) via this anonymous form no later than Thursday 2024-01-25.

And the nominees are…

  • Andrew I. Su
  • Anne Carpenter
  • Chris Evelo
  • Chris Mungall
  • Emma Hodcroft
  • Gary Bader
  • Gemma Turon
  • Heng Li
  • Inioluwa Deborah Raji
  • Laura Ación
  • Melanie Courtot
  • Noah Fahlgren
  • Ziad Obermeyer

After the community comment period closes, the BOSC organizing committee will draw on this list to extend invitations to potential keynote speakers. Since we cannot know in advance which speakers might accept the invitation, we may have to go beyond the list of those nominated. In that case, we would not rerun this process, but community members will always be encouraged to inform the Organizing Committee if they believe any speaker does not meet our standards.

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