Biopython 1.84 released

Biopython 1.84 has been released and is available from our website and PyPI.

This contains about 5 months worth of updates, so the change-log in the news file is longer than usual. There have also been a few deprecations, most noteworthy this may be our last release with Python 3.9 support.

Many thanks to the Biopython developers and community for making this release possible, especially the following contributors:

  • Anil Tuncel (first contribution)
  • David Cain
  • Fabio Zanini (first contribution)
  • Joao Rodrigues
  • Judith Bernett (first contribution)
  • Luca Monari (first contribution)
  • Meridia Jane Bryant (first contribution)
  • Manuel Lera-Ramirez
  • Michael M. (first contribution)
  • Michiel de Hoon
  • Peter Cock
  • Rudolf Koopmann (first contribution)
  • Will Tyler (first contribution)