Board of Directors

The board can be contacted via email at (or in case of mailing list problems, try as a fall back), and can be reached via Twitter @OBF_News. The minutes of the previous meetings can be found here.

Past board members

Joining the Board

Nominations for the Board of Directors may be made by the general membership at any time throughout the year by contacting any Board Member.
The Board tries on an ongoing basis to create opportunities for members of the community to serve, while also ensuring stability of the Board, through expansion of the Board, by replacing a Board member whose term expires, or by volunteers from the community interested in serving.

Board Expectations

  • Participate in the (informal) regular meetings of Board members. Meetings are currently about 1 hour, once a month, held by Google Hangout. These meetings are for communicating and discussing current OBF operations and issues, as well as brainstorming strategic directions and initiatives.
  • Participate in public Board meetings, including voting in elections and on matters brought before the OBF Board for approval. Public Board meetings take place about once a year via conference call, are about 1 hour in duration, and are usually scheduled in place of a Board hangout.
  • Help promote the causes and objectives of the OBF, as set and approved by the Board, such as lobbying funders, employers, and other decision makers in your network about these objectives and ways to achieve them, as well as promoting the causes of the OBF at community gatherings you attend.
  • Contribute to identifying strategies, opportunities, and mechanisms to better sustain the OBF, to grow its member communities, and to increase its overall diversity, including demographic diversity.