BOSC 2001

Key dates:

March 20 BOSC registration opens
May 31 BOSC abstract deadline
May 31 ISMB early registration deadline
June 19 BOSC registration deadline
July 19 BOSC starts, 09:00
(Restaurant NIMB, Tivoli Gardens) (PDF Map)
July 20 BOSC ends, 17:00
July 19-20 BioPathways meeting
July 21 Tutorial day at ISMB
July 22 ISMB conference presentations begin


BOSC organizing committee

  • Ewan Birney (EBI)
  • Chris Dagdigian (Blackstone Technology Group)
  • Andrew Dalke (Dalke Scientific Software)
  • Nomi Harris (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  • Janine Hatchwell (Technical University of Denmark)
  • Helge Weissig (UCSD/San Diego Supercomputer Center)
Bioinformatics Open Source Conference

The first Bioinformatics Open Source Conference, BOSC2000, convened last August in San Diego, just before ISMB2000. BOSC2001 will take place in Copenhagen on July 19-20, 2001, just before ISMB2001, and concurrent with the BioPathways meeting.

BOSC2000 featured keynote talks by Ewan Birney, Lincoln Stein, and Tim O'Reilly, as well as presentations chosen from submitted abstracts. This year, BOSC will be organized around existing open source bioinformatics projects, providing time for projects to meet personally and also to exchange ideas between projects. The mornings will feature technical talks selected from submitted abstracts. In the afternoons, project groups will be given access to computers and ethernet hubs for collaborative coding, and small across-projects meetings can be organized. In the evenings, BoFs will bring together groups with specialized interests in particular projects.

Borrowing an idea from other conferences, this year's BOSC will include "Lightning Talks"--short talks that allow researchers to present a quick introduction to their work, so that interested parties can meet later to discuss it in more detail, perhaps at the evening BoFs.

We expect the leaders of most of the major bioinformatics open source projects to be at the meeting, including:

  • Thomas Down (BioJava)
  • Andrew Dalke (BioPython)
  • Ewan Birney and Hilmar Lapp (BioPerl)
  • Jason Stajich (BioPerl and BioCorba)
  • Arne Stebenau (Ensembl)
  • Chris Mungall (FlyBase)
  • Lincoln Stein (DAS)

Visit the ISMB2001 site for information on hotels, travel to Copenhagen, and other relevant information.

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