Attendees at the 2018 GCCBOSC CoFest

CollaborationFest 2020

As part of BCC2020, the first Bioinformatics Community Conference, the Galaxy Community Conference (GCC) and the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC) co-sponsored an online CollaborationFest, a 2 (or 4) day collaborative work event where our community gathered virtually to contribute code, documentation, training materials, and challenging analysis problems and use cases.

For more information please see the BCC2020 CollaborationFest page for this virtual event.


BCC2020 CollaborationFest was be the 11th annual pre- or post-BOSC collaboration fest. Previous fun and successful events were Codefest 2010 in Boston, Codefest 2011 in Vienna, Codefest 2012 in Los Angeles, Codefest 2013 in Berlin, Codefest 2014 in Boston, Codefest 2015 in Dublin, Codefest 2016 in Orlando, Codefest 2017 in Prague, GCCBOSC Collaboration Fest 2018 in Portland, and Collaboration Fest 2019 in Basel.