CollaborationFest 2023

In conjunction with our annual meeting, BOSC, the OBF runs a collaborative event (formerly called CodeFest, short for coding festival, and now called CollaborationFest, or CoFest for short). At these events, participants work together to contribute code, documentation, training materials, and challenging analysis problems and use cases. If you are interested in learning and contributing in an intensely collaborative environment, then CollaborationFest is for you.

The 2023 BOSC CoFest, which will precede ISMB/ECCB 2023, will take place July 22-23, and will be hybrid (online + in person at ENS Lyon, France). We encourage you to register for the conference, but the CoFest itself is free. Three easy steps to sign up:

  • add yourself to this spreadsheet to help us gauge interest, coordinate topic groups and more importantly order lunches (food will be offered to all in-person attendees),
  • add your project ideas in this document if you have something in mind,
  • join the #cofest channel in the BOSC Slack!

Please register in advance to help us set up everything!

Attendees at the 2018 GCCBOSC CoFest


Saturday July 22nd to Sunday 23rd, from 9am to 5.30pm.


The 2023 BOSC CoFest will take place in Condorcet meeting room, at the ENS Lyon:
1, place de l’École
69007 Lyon
GPS coordinates: (45.729846881035385, 4.828230822514165)

Detailed access instructions are available here

Public transports

  • metro line B, Deboug station,
  • tramway T1, ENS Lyon stop.


Complex Systems Institute

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Laboratoire Reproduction et Développement des Plantes

Thanks to the support from French Institute of Bioinformatics and PSMN, virtual machines will be available to attendees.


This will be the 14th annual pre- or post-BOSC collaboration fest. Previous fun and successful events were Codefest 2010 in Boston, Codefest 2011 in Vienna, Codefest 2012 in Los Angeles, Codefest 2013 in Berlin, Codefest 2014 in Boston, Codefest 2015 in Dublin, Codefest 2016 in Orlando, Codefest 2017 in Prague, GCCBOSC Collaboration Fest 2018 in Portland, Collaboration Fest 2019 in Basel, and the last two worldwide virtual editions BOSC 2020 CollaborationFest/BCC2020 CollaborationFest (online) and Collaboration Fest 2021 (online). The 2022 CollaborationFest was hybrid (virtual + in person).

Code of Conduct

This event is under the OBF Code of Conduct.