Before applying, please read our documentation on information that GSoC contributors should know and guidelines we expect you to follow. We also require that you include certain information, listed below, under “When you apply.

Also, it would be a good idea to CC the organization administrator group email below, so they can make sure that you are properly taken care of!

If you are not quite sure which project you would like to contribute to, you can email to the organization administrator for help. However, do not worry overly much about picking the right OBF project at the outset. If you are unsure, simply make your best guess, and other members of the email list will help you to find the best organization to suit your idea.

General queries

If a question needs to be answered by a specific mentor, please email that mentor, or an org admin if your mentor is not responding. For more general GSoC OBF queries, please use Note that the OBF board are not usually able to help with GSoC queries.

Staff and Org Admins

Organisation administrator

Whenever possible please email the OBF GSoC Admin group – – this reaches all admins.

Project-specific queries

For prospective GSoC contributors, the first point of contact should be the mailing list or mentors of the OBF project you are interested in working with, but if ever in doubt please contact the org admin group above.