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Biopython and version control systems

March 17, 2009 :

Initially for evaluation purposes only, Giovanni and Bartek have setup a mirror of Biopython on GitHub, which is automatically updated […]

Biopython release 1.49

November 21, 2008 :

We are pleased to announce the release of Biopython 1.49. There have been some significant changes since Biopython 1.48 was […]

Biopython 1.49 beta released

November 7, 2008 :

We are pleased to announce a beta release of Biopython 1.49. There are been some significant changes since Biopython 1.48 […]

Biopython and Python 2.6 (and Python 2.3)

November 2, 2008 :

Many of you will be aware that Python 2.6 was released a month ago (October 1st, 2008). This supports a […]

Biopython, Numeric and numpy

September 22, 2008 :

To date, Biopython releases have relied on the original numerical python library, Numeric (used in python with “import Numeric”).  In […]

Biopython release 1.48

September 9, 2008 :

We are pleased to announce the release of Biopython 1.48. Some new functionality has been added, a few bugs have been fixed, the documentation has been updated, plus several obsolete modules have been deprecated (or explicitly labelled as obsolete).

Biopython release 1.47

July 5, 2008 :

Biopython 1.47 includes a new Bio.AlignIO module, updates to Bio.Blast, parsers for NCBI’s Entrez E-Utilities, numerous other code improvements and fixes, and an extended and updated documentation. In particular if you use Biopython to access NCBI’s E-Utilities, we encourage you to download and install this release to ensure full compliance with NCBI’s access rules.

Biopython release 1.45

March 22, 2008 :

Biopython 1.45 includes numerous code improvements and fixes, including in Bio.Seq, Bio.SeqIO, Bio.Entrez, Bio.PopGen, Bio.SwissProt, Bio.Cluster, Bio.SCOP, Bio.InterPro, Bio.GenBank, Bio.ExPASy, BioSQL, and the Biopython documentation. Too many to list them all here!

Biopython release 1.44

October 28, 2007 :

Biopython 1.44 includes lots of code improvements and fixes in the Blast interface and parsers, sequence input/output, the SwissProt parser, the clustering routines, as well as a brand new module for population genetics. For reasons of compatibility, some radical changes were necessary in some parts of the code; please let us know if you find some functionality missing.

Biopython release 1.43

March 17, 2007 :

Biopython 1.43 includes a brand-new set of parsers in Bio.SeqIO for reading biological sequence files in various formats, an updated Blast XML parser in Bio.Blast.NCBIXML, a new UniGene flat-file parser, and numerous improvements and bug fixes in Bio.PDB, Bio.SwissProt, Bio.Nexus, BioSQL, and others. Believe it or not, even the documentation was updated.

Biopython release 1.42

July 16, 2006 :

Biopython 1.42 includes a brand-new Genbank parser in Bio.GenBank, numerous updates to Bio.Nexus and to Bio.Geo, lots of bug fixes by scores of contributors through BugZilla, and Bio.Cluster became object-oriented.

Biopython release 1.41

October 29, 2005 :

We are pleased to announce the release of Biopython 1.41. Many improvements were made in Biopython during the eight months […]

Biopython 1.30 Release

May 14, 2004 :

I’m happy to announce a new release of Biopython 1.30, available today from http://biopython.org. This release contains a number of […]

Biopython 1.24 Release

February 17, 2004 :

I’m happy to announce the 1.24 release of Biopython. As normal Biopython is available from http://biopython.org. The major changes in […]

Biopython 1.23 Release

October 19, 2003 :

Jeff announces a new release of Biopython: Biopython 1.23 is now available from the website at: http://www.biopython.org/ This is mostly […]

BioPython 1.2.0 released

July 27, 2003 :

Available now at http://biopython.org/download/ Changes include: added Andrew Dalke’s EUtils library added Michiel de Hoon’s gene expression analysis package updates […]