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My Journey at the nf-core Hackathon and Nextflow Summit 2023: Coding and Community

December 17, 2023 :

The Open Bioinformatics Foundation (OBF) Event Fellowship program aims to promote diverse participation at events promoting open-source bioinformatics software development […]

Winfred Gatua: Hybrid Carpentries workshop supported by OBF Event Fellowship

March 29, 2023 :

The Open Bioinformatics Foundation (OBF) Event Fellowship program aims to promote diverse participation at events promoting open-source bioinformatics software development […]

OBF mailing lists migrating to paid hosting, likely Mailchimp

March 22, 2023 :

We’re sharing some important news with you regarding our mailing lists. From early on, we’ve maintained a self-hosted Mailman server […]

Ruth Nanjala: My experience attending and participating at the ICHG 2023 conference hosted in the Mother City

March 21, 2023 :

An OBF Event Fellowship enabled Ruth Nanjala to attend the International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG) 2023 conference in Africa.

Comment period on potential BOSC 2023 keynote speakers is now open

February 10, 2023 :

We asked the community to nominate potential BOSC keynote speakers, and we were pleased with all the great suggestions! Now […]

OBF Community Support Sponsorship scheme funds first pilot project

August 18, 2022 :

The OBF Community Support Sponsorship scheme aims to sponsor small open-source-focused events like a scientific meeting, small conference, training workshop, […]

Crowdsourced highlights from BOSC 2022

August 16, 2022 :

Going home after attending BOSC was a little bittersweet. It’s my favorite conference because it brings together such a welcoming […]

Watch the recording of the ISCBacademy webinar on growing open source communities

February 23, 2022 :

Yesterday we hosted the OBF/BOSC contribution to the ISCBacademy webinar. Our former OBF-board member and Open Life Science co-lead Yo […]

ISCBacademy webinar Feb 22: Yo Yehudi

January 20, 2022 :

Date & Time: Tuesday, February 22, 2022, 15:00 UTC / 11am EDT Location: online webinar hosted by ISCB Speaker: Yo […]

OBF Membership Referendum

January 4, 2022 :

During our last public Board meeting, the OBF announced two new initiatives that are being proposed for approval by the […]

Creating an OBF-wide Code of Conduct

November 15, 2019 :

Among the core values shared across the OBF community are inclusiveness and welcoming newcomers to contribute, without discrimination. Every year […]

Computational biology without borders

October 15, 2019 :

In this post, OBF Travel Fellowship awardee Aziz Khan discusses the importance of open source software and tools for scientific discovery in the current data-intensive century. He also shares his experiences at ISMB/ECCB and BOSC 2019 in Basel.

Updates are coming!

November 19, 2018 :

About a year ago, the OBF shared plans to get more involved with the open science community, and followed up […]

New OBF logo

November 5, 2018 :

We have successfully crowd-sourced a new OBF logo! The process started at the OBF Birds of a Feather meeting at GCCBOSC […]

The color of bioinformatics: what is it and how can it be modified?

August 29, 2018 :

This is a guest blog post from Tendai Mutangadura, who was supported by the ongoing Open Bioinformatics Foundation travel fellowship program to attend […]

City of roses they call it – Portland Oregon (USA)

August 18, 2018 :

How should I start describing the fruitful experience in this amazing city… First time ever in Portland, second time attending […]

GCCBOSC 2018 post-meeting report

July 27, 2018 :

This year, the Galaxy Community Conference (GCC) and the Bioinformatics Community Conference (BOSC) met together to form the first Bioinformatics […]

Following up from BOSC’s OBF Birds of a Feather meeting

July 9, 2018 :

It was really great to meet so many of you at GCCBOSC this year! We will soon have a couple […]