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== BOSC-related channels and links ==
== BOSC-related channels and links ==
* [http://f1000research.com/channels/BOSC BOSC F1000 Research Channel] (BOSC reports, posters, slides)
* [http://f1000research.com/collections/BOSC BOSC F1000 Research Collection] (BOSC reports, posters, slides)
* [http://twitter.com/OBF_BOSC/ @OBF_BOSC on Twitter]
* [http://twitter.com/OBF_BOSC/ @OBF_BOSC on Twitter]
* [http://youtube.com/c/OBFBOSC OBF BOSC on YouTube]
* [http://youtube.com/c/OBFBOSC OBF BOSC on YouTube]

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The Bosc Pear

The Bioinformatics Open Source Conference has been held annually as a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the ISCB's annual ISMB conference. BOSC promotes and facilitates the open source development of bioinformatics tools and open science. The aims of the conferences are to:

  1. Provide developers with a forum for displaying the results of their development efforts to the wider research community;
  2. Provide a focused environment for developers and users to interact and share ideas about software development, open science, and practical techniques in bioinformatics;
  3. Promote Open Science, with its focus on sharing data and tools, transparency, reproducibility, and data provenance;
  4. Inform the research community of important developments occurring within the Open Source Bioinformatics Developer community.

BOSC meetings to date

In recent years the BOSC meetings have been preceded by a two day Codefest, an informal developer meeting.

Other conferences

  • A BioPerl workshop was held in conjunction with ISMB'99 in Heidelberg, Germany.

BOSC-related channels and links


The Open Bioinformatics Foundation welcomes donations to help support our work and the BOSC meeting, including offering Travel Fellowships and registration fee waivers.

We currently request USD $1000 for sponsoring BOSC, and will include your name and logo on the conference webpage, selected publicity material including blog posts and tweets, and during the conference itself during the opening and/or closing slides. Sponsors are welcome to submit work to be presented at BOSC as a talk or poster, but this will be reviewed impartially like any other submission.

We currently request USD $1500 for sponsoring BOSC and the Codefest, or USD $500 for sponsoring the pre-BOSC Codefest only, with similar publicity arrangements. Here some of the donation will directly fund lunch and refreshment for the Codefest participants. Sponsor's developer/technical staff are welcome to attend the Codefest.

We are open to discussing specific requests, such as distributing stickers or leaflets, or earmarking the sponsorship to a specific activity.

If you would like to be a sponsor of BOSC, please contact the organising committee at bosc@open-bio.org.