BOSC 2007 Schedule

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  Thursday July 7th Friday July 8th
8:45am Call To Order Call To Order
9:00am Keynote Speaker: Carole Goble [OS Software] Jan Taubert: The ONDEX Data Integration Framework
9:20am   [OS Software] Subhashree Madhavan: CGEMS: An Open-Source caIntegrator Application to support Whole Genome Association Studies
9:40am   [OS Software] Eric Just: Modware: An Object-Oriented Perl Interface to the Chado Schema
10:00 [New Technology] James Taylor: The Galaxy Framework for Computational Biology Tool Integration [OS Software] Kam Dahlquist: XMLPipeDB: A Reusable, Open Source Tool Chain for Building Relational Databases from XML Sources
10:20 [New Technology] Mitch Skinner: AJAX GBrowse: Community Genome Annotation Made Easy Break Or Over Run Area
10:30am Coffee Coffee
11:00am [New Technology] Rafael C. Jimenez: Dasty2: A Web Client for Visualizing Protein Sequence Features [OS Software] Carol Lushbough: BioStream: An Extensible Database Tool for Biologists
11:20am [New Technology] Taavi Hupponen: EMBRACE Web Services [OS Software] Goran Sandberg: Mitrion-C Accellerated NCBI Blast Application
11:40am [New Technology] Krishakant Shanbhag: CaGrid Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid Break or Over Run Area
12:00 Lunch Lunch
1:30pm Martin Senger: BioMoby Project Update [Software Design And Engineering] Kam Dahlquist: An Open Source Framework for Teaching Bioinformatics
1:45pm Peter Cock: BioPython Project Update  
2:00pm Richard Holland: BioJava Project Update [Software Design And Engineering] James Taylor: Tools to Facilitate Large Scale COmparative Genomic Analysis
2:15pm Arek Kasprzyk: BioMart Project Update  
2:30pm Peter Rice: EMBOSS Project Update  
2:45 Toshiaki Katayama: BioRuby Project Update  
3:00pm BioPerl Project Update Interactive Wifi Workshops
3:20pm Discuss the Creation of an OBF Distribution CD Interactive Wifi Workshops
3:30pm Coffee Coffee
4:00pm Interactive Wifi Workshops Interactive Wifi Workshops
5:00pm Interactive Wifi Workshops Interactive Wifi Workshops