BOSC 2010 Proceedings

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First-ever Published BOSC Proceedings

The BOSC Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that this year we will be publishing the first-ever BOSC Proceedings in the Open Access journal, BMC Bioinformatics.

Who is eligible to submit?

  • Presenters at BOSC 2010 whose abstracts were reviewed and accepted before the conference (not Lightning Talk presenters who signed up past the abstract deadline or at BOSC itself) are invited to submit a 4-5 page manuscript (approximately 2,500 words, not including the abstract and references) for publication in the Open Access journal, BMC Bioinformatics.

Important Dates

  • Manuscripts are due on August 15, 2010.

How to submit

  • Manuscripts must conform to BMC Bioinformatics author guidelines and formatting.
    • Manuscripts are expected to take up 4-5 printed pages in the journal, approximately 2500 words, not including the abstract and references.
    • Manuscripts may be submitted in .pdf, .doc (Microsoft Word 97-2003), or .rtf format (files can also be zipped, .zip).
  • Manuscripts must be submitted via our Open Conferences System BOSC Proceedings site, NOT through the BMC Bioinformatics submissions site.
    • Paste the abstract for your manuscript in the Abstract form field (not your abstract from the conference). Your abstract should also be included in the main manuscript you upload.

Review Process

  • Manuscripts will undergo an additional round of peer-review by a minimum of two reviewers (abstract acceptance to BOSC does not guarantee publication in the Proceedings).

Open Access Page Charges

  • Authors will be charged the fee of GBP 550 per article, invoiced by and paid directly to BioMed Central. This fee is payable regardless of any BioMed Central membership arrangements, and it shall be the responsibility of the author to pay this sum to BioMed Central for inclusion in the Proceedings.