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If you would like to organize a Birds of a Feather (BOF) meeting, just sign up for a wiki account, login, and edit this page. Please list the BOF topic and the name of the organizer.

The BOFs are from 5:30-6:30 in the same room as the BOSC talks (F2).

Friday BOFs (Day 1)

  • Galaxy and Taverna working together (Marco Roos)
Galaxy and Taverna are both workflow systems with different strengths. It is in the interest of users if they can be used together, while each keeps extending their strong points. A tool to generate Galaxy tools from Taverna workflows has already been developed and in a previous meeting we concluded that allowing Galaxy and Taverna Server to work from one (virtual) box could be the next step. In this BOF we discuss how we could make the tools benefit most from working together and what additional requirements that might set. Developers of both Galaxy and Taverna will participate in this BOF, and we welcome interested (potential) users and developers.

Saturday BOFs (Day 2)

Goby offers an efficient framework to store and work with large volumes of NGS data. Developers interested in implementing Goby support in NGS tools, and/or end users interested in using the Goby toolbox are encouraged to attend to meet and chat with the developers.
  • Hands-on to prepare a Debian package for your software. Organizer: Steffen Möller
Walk through the Debian Med repository on build instructions for biological software, preparation of a package for your source code, identification of what is missing in Debian/Ubuntu to help your daily routine.
  • Python in Bioinformatics. Organizer: Brad Chapman
Discuss Biopython development or ask questions. Generally talk about use of Python in Bioinformatics and useful libraries.