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!'''Poster #'''
!'''Poster #'''
! '''Presenter'''
! '''Title'''

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All BOSC posters will be displayed for the two days of BOSC (July 22-23). ISMB requests that the presenters of even-numbered posters stand by their posters the first day, and odd-numbered poster presenters stand by their posters on the second day. Your poster must be no more than 0.95 m wide x 1.30 m high.

Poster abstracts can be found in the complete program (available soon).

Poster # Presenter Title
1 Monther Alhamdoosh An ensemble approach for gene set testing analysis with reporting capabilities
2 Wei Wang Aztec: Automated Biomedical Tool Index with Improved Information Retrieval System
3 Rishi Nag Bio::DB::HTS - accessing HTSlib from Perl
4 John Fonner BioContainers for supercomputers: 2,000+ accessible, discoverable Singularity apps"
5 Carole Goble Bioschemas for life science data
6 Jiwen Xin BioThings Explorer: Utilizing JSON-LD for Linking Biological APIs to Facilitate Knowledge Discovery
7 Chunlei Wu BioThings SDK: a toolkit for building high-performance data APIs in biology
8 Matúš Kalaš BioJSON | BioYAML - Towards unified formats for sequences, alignments, features, and annotations"
9 Felix Shaw Collaborative Open Plant Omics: A platform for "FAIR" data for plant science
10 Daria Iakovishina CueSea: quality control tool for Illumina genotyping microarray data, with correction on intensity, clusterization and biological specificity."
11 Stian Soiland-Reyes CWL Viewer: The Common Workflow Language Viewer
12 Farah Khan CWL+Research Object == Complete Provenance
13 Alberto Riva DAMON, an open source framework for reliable and reproducible analysis pipelines"
14 Tazro Ohta Databases to support reanalysis of public high-throughput DNA sequencing data
15 Phillippe Rocca-Serra Discovering datasets with DATS in DataMed
16 Anil S. Thanki Discovery and visualisation of homologous genes and gene families using Galaxy
17 Herve Menager EDAM - The ontology of bioinformatics operations, types of data, topics, and data formats (2017 update)"
18 Stephen Lincoln Emerging public databases of clinical genetic test results: Implications for large scale deployment of precision medicine
19 Stefan A. POPA Enabling the optimization of open-source biological computational tools with scripting languages
20 Yo Yehudi Forever in BlueGenes: a next-generation genomic data interface powered by InterMine
21 Kate Voss Full-stack genomics pipelining with GATK4 + WDL + Cromwell
22 Kees van Bochove Gene Set Variation Analysis in cBioPortal
23 Ismail Moghul GeoDiver: Differential Gene Expression Analysis & Gene-Set Analysis for GEO Datasets
24 Silvia Di Giorgio GRADitude: A computational tool for the analysis of Grad-seq data
25 Aditya Bharadwaj GRAPHSPACE: Stimulating interdisciplinary collaborations in network biology
26 Ted Liefeld Integrating cloud storage providers for genomic analyses
27 Wiktor Jurkowski Introducing the Brassica Information Portal: Towards integrating genotypic and phenotypic Brassica crop data
28 Nikola Tesic Microsatellite instability profiling of TCGA colorectal adenocarcinomas using a Common Workflow Language pipeline
29 Rickard Hammarén NGI-RNAseq - a best practice analysis pipeline in Nextflow
30 Alexander S Rose NGL - a molecular graphics library for the web
31 Luis Pedro Coelho NGLESS: Perfectly understandable and reproducible metagenomics pipelines using a domain-specific language
32 Madeleine Ball Open Humans: Opening human health data
33 Ngoc-Vinh Tran PhyloProfile: an interactive and dynamic visualization tool for multi-layered phylogenetic profiles
34 Rabie Saidi Protein Inpainter: a Message-Passing-based Predictor using Spark GraphX
35 Nivethika Mahasivam RADAR-CNS - Research Infrastructure for processing wearable data to improve health
36 Ricardo Wurmus Reproducible and user-controlled software management in HPC with GNU Guix
37 Evanthia Kaimaklioti Reproducing computational experiments in situ as an interactive figure in a journal article.
38 Keiichiro Ono Revitalizing a classic bioinformatics tool using modern technologies: the case of the Cytoscape Project
39 Kieran O'Neill Screw: tools for building reproducible single-cell epigenomics workflows
40 thomas cokelaer Sequana: a set of flexible genomic pipelines for processing and reporting NGS analysis
41 Denis Yuen The GA4GH Tool Registry Service (TRS) and Dockstore - Year One
42 Olga Vrousgou The SPOT ontology toolkit : semantics as a service
43 Kenzo-Hugo Hillion ToolDog - generating tool descriptors from the ELIXIR tool registry
44 Uros Sipeitc Workflow for processing standard bioinformatics formats with SciClone to infer tumor heterogeneity
45 Steffen Möller Workflow-ready bioinformatics packages for Debian-based distributions and this Linux distribution's infrastructure for low-friction reproducible research
46 Kevin Sayers Workflows interoperability with Nextflow and Common WL