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Please go to our NEW website: [https://www.open-bio.org/events/bosc/ https://www.open-bio.org/events/bosc/]
[[File:Pear.png|100px|right|BOSC 2019|link=BOSC_2019]]
In 2019, BOSC will be part of [https://www.iscb.org/ismbeccb2019 ISMB/ECCB] in Basel. We therefore need to follow ISMB's dates and procedures.
'''[https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ismbeccb2019abstract Submit your abstract now]''' (via EasyChair).
== Important Dates ==
* February 2019: Abstract submission opens
* April 11, 2019: Talk/poster abstract submission deadline (for longer talks, lightning talks, posters)
* May 9, 2019: Talk/poster authors notified
* May 15, 2019: Late poster/late-breaking lightning talk submission deadline
* May 23, 2019: Late round authors notified
* '''July 24-25, 2019: BOSC 2019''',  Basel, Switzerland (as part of ISMB/ECCB 2019)
== Abstract Length and Formatting Requirements ==
'''200-word summary''': ISMB requires authors to submit a ''200 word'' (or less) summary of their work; this will be used for their website and app. Confusingly, this is referred to on EasyChair as the "abstract".
'''PDF''': Authors who hope to present a talk must *also* submit a 1-2 page PDF describing their work in more detail. The PDF is welcome to include any figures or graphics that will fit in the two pages. We cannot accept submissions in Word, LaTeX, or other formats.
If you are only applying to present a poster, you only need to submit a 200-word summary ("abstract"); submitting an additional PDF is optional.
Note that only first-round abstracts (submitted by April 11) are eligible for longer talks. Late-round submissions will be considered for posters and a few will be chosen for Late-Breaking Lightning Talks.
'''Length''': In the past, BOSC abstracts were limited to one page. Please do not feel compelled to use the second page unless you want to. We do hope you'll use the extra space to include examples of biological applications of your work, and a summary of the current and/or projected community aspect of your project.
== How to Submit ==
Submissions are via [https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ismbeccb2019abstract EasyChair]. If you don't already have an EasyChair account, you will need to create one.
Once you sign in, you will get to a screen that says "Please select the track relevant for your submission." Select BOSC (4th line down). Note that later in the submission process, you will be able to list one or two other COSIs/tracks that your abstract might also fit into.
The submission form refers to the 200-word summary of your work as an "abstract", but if you are applying to give a talk, you must also upload a longer abstract (1-2 pages) as a PDF.
== Acceptance Criteria ==
BOSC welcomes submissions about all aspects of open source bioinformatics, open science and open data, including but not limited to reproducible research, citizen/participatory science, standards and interoperability, open source tools for data science and visualization, and medical and translational bioinformatics. '''Work discussed in BOSC presentations must be open source''', with a recognized open source license and a URL for accessing your code. We look for impact of the work in building or sustaining open source communities.  We are happy to consider abstracts describing work that has already been published or presented elsewhere, but we ask you to mention that on the submission form. Work that has been presented at a recent BOSC will need to demonstrate significant progress in order to be eligible for a talk at BOSC 2019.
== BOSC Open Source License Requirement ==
The [[OBF|Open Bioinformatics Foundation]], which coordinates BOSC, is dedicated to promoting the practice and philosophy of Open Source Software Development within the biological research community. For this reason, if a submitted abstract concerns a specific software system for use by the research community, then that software must be licensed with a recognized Open Source License, and be available for download, including source code, by a tar/zip file accessed through ftp/http or through a widely used version control system like cvs/subversion/git/bazaar/Mercurial.
See the following websites for further information:
* [http://www.opensource.org/licenses/ Recognized Open Source Licenses]
* [http://www.opensource.org/docs/definition.php Definition of the Open Source Philosophy]
== Open Bioinformatics Foundation Travel Fellowships ==
The [https://github.com/OBF/obf-docs/blob/master/Travel_fellowships.md OBF Travel Fellowship program] is aimed at increasing diverse participation at events promoting open source bioinformatics software development and open science in the biological research community. The fellowship can be used to cover airfare, hotel and / or conference registration fees up to a value of USD 1,000. BOSC speakers are welcome to [https://github.com/OBF/obf-docs/blob/master/Travel_fellowships.md apply for a fellowship]. We review applications three times a year. The next deadline for applying is April 15, 2019.
== Code of Conduct ==
As part of ISMB, BOSC 2019 will be covered by [https://www.iscb.org/ismbeccb2019-general/codeofconduct ISMB's Code of Conduct.]. We are also working on an OBF Code of Conduct.
== Links ==
'''[https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ismbeccb2019abstract Submit your abstract now!]'''
[[BOSC_2019|BOSC 2019 home page]]

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Please go to our NEW website: https://www.open-bio.org/events/bosc/