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August 2018 CollaborationFest (CoFest) is a distributed online event on August 17th, 2018. Initiated by Bérénice Batut and Saskia Hiltemann of the Galaxy Training Network, this is a distributed online event meant to continue the work from the GCCBOSC 2018 CollaborationFest. This is a more informal event than our larger scale events, and the first attempt at having regular online collaboration days. In Boston, we'll be working together in a room in the Longwood Medical Area if anyone wants to join. We'll have space, power, wifi and friendly people to work with.


Registering in advance helps with coordination and planning, and it's easy too:

Contributing communities:

What is CoFest?

CollaborationFests (or CoFests, for short) are in person or online working sessions aimed at developing open source code, documentation, training materials and anything else useful for doing biological research and analysis on the computer. The event is no cost and everyone who has the time and interest in working collaboratively for a day is welcome, regardless of experience. We love having new community members.

CoFest is structured differently than traditional conferences:

  • It's a working session, so there won't be formal talks or training. The day is structured around group discussion, coding and writing.
  • Community members self organize around projects of interest. Everyone is encouraged to suggest projects, and then groups form around those projects.
  • We aim to work collaboratively, you are always welcome to change groups or try and connect work happening in different groups.
  • We informally share our working goals and progress at multiple times during the day, normally morning, lunchtime and at the end of the work day. This helps community members find work on interest and connections between different groups.
  • We want your feedback, suggestions and ideas to structure the day.

Finding work to do

We have a shared document with current project ideas for this CoFest. Bring your projects and ideas, we want to hear them. You can also take inspiration from previous working groups:


We'll have a shared online presence in this BlueJeans room:


And the Galaxy Training Network will have an open Hangout room:


That's the main place to join and discuss and we can create additional purpose specific rooms as needed. Between the 2 sites we'll have coverage online between 2am EST to 5pm EST so hopefully can overlap with most time zones for part of that. If any other groups would like to be in charge of the channel for other times outside of this, please speak up.

We'll plan to have all group discussions to join:

  • 10am CEST (08:00 GMT/UTC, 4am EST) Google Hangouts (Galaxy Training Network)
  • 9:30am EST (11:30 GMT/UTC, 3:30pm CEST) Blue Jeans room (General)
  • 10am EST (14:00 GMT/UTC, 4pm CEST) Google Hangouts (Galaxy Training Network)
  • 12pm EST (16:00 GMT/UTC, 6pm CEST) Blue Jeans room (General)
  • 4pm EST (20:00 GMT/UTC, 10pm CEST) Blue Jeans room (General)

And can schedule more of these if any groups want to volunteer to lead at non-EST friendly times.

In Boston, CoFest is kindly hosted in the Longwood Medical area. Enter the Harvard Medical Courtyard from Longwood Avenue at the Intersection of Avenue Louis Pasteur:

In Freiberg, the Galaxy training team will be in the Backofen lab meeting room.

  • Friday, August 17th 9-6pm CEST