EU Codefest 2012

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EU-codefest 2012 will be 19 and 20 July in Lodi Italy

In coordination with the BOSC committee we are organising the first EU-Codefest, a low-key event the week after BOSC 2012 in California.

The EU-Codefest will take place on 19 and 20 July 2012, in Lodi, Italy, near the Bergamo and Milano airports (Bergamo is a hub for Ryanair).

The EU-Codefest is modeled on the successful biohackathons in Japan, though we would like it more free-flowing. There will be few invited speakers, and instead attendees will have a chance to give micro-presentations on their ongoing open source projects. In short, the focus of the EU-Codefest will be on coding, open source projects, and general fun. We also hope to show BOSC talks on video.

The weekend of 21 and 22 July we can continue (unofficially) to have a good time, and will try to organise some outings.

Please mail * eucodefest2012@gmail.com * if you are interested in attending. We need to get a feel for the number of people coming. But, hey, even if it is just us we will be perfectly happy hacking away :)

Organising committee: Francesco Strozzi, Raoul Bonnal and Pjotr Prins

(watch this page, more information coming...)