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==Main projects==
==Main projects==
* [http://www.biojava.org BioJava]
{{Main projects}}
* [[bp:BioPerl|BioPerl]]
* [[biopython:Main Page|Biopython]]
* [http://www.bioruby.org BioRuby]
* [[biosql:Main Page|BioSQL]]
* [http://www.biodas.org DAS] and their list of [http://biodas.org/wiki/GlobalSeqIDs Global Sequence Identifiers]
* [http://www.biomoby.org MOBY]
* [http://www.emboss.org EMBOSS]
* [http://obda.open-bio.org OBDA] (this website is out of date, a new one is being developed)
==Affiliated projects==
==Affiliated projects==

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Main projects

Affiliated projects

  • Generic Genome Browser - part of GMOD
  • Chado - The GMOD DB schema
  • Pise - a tool to generate Web interfaces software for submitting jobs to these interfaces
  • OpenBQS - Bibliographic query system
  • BlipKit - Chris Mungall's Prolog toolkit for Bioinformatics and BioMedical Informatics
  • BioMake & Skam - Task management tool, similar to makefiles

Other related projects

Ontologies and Definitions