2007 BoardMeeting Agenda

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Agenda for 2007 Meeting at BOSC 2007 Vienna, Austria

Date & Time: Proposed meeting time: 5:30PM - 6:30PM Saturday July 21, 2007


  • Rotation/election of board members (hilmar)
    • Open slate of new members. We need to expand the number of active individuals on the board.
      • Kam Dalquist
      • Others?
    • Rotating members off
  • Financial
    • Treasurer's report (chris d)
    • Getting not-for-profit status back by filing paperwork?
  • OBF Future (jason)
    • What are we doing? Should we keep doing this?
    • What is the role of the foundation beyond ownership of server resources
    • BOSC at ISMB in the future?
      • Future BOSC Chairperson.
  • Outreach and Developer community (hilmar, jason)
    • Future of Hackathons
    • Outreach/education
  • OBF Project support (jason)
    • Server Status (chris)
      • Age of servers, backup strategy etc. Anything we need to know?
      • Wiki, Bugzilla, mailing list status and summary.
    • Summary of projects actively supported by OBF (jason)
    • Assess needs of expansion of developer resources.


Who will be in Vienna?