Google Summer of Code 2011

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The OBF was accepted into the 2011 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program as an umbrella organization for all OBF-affiliated projects. Program Timeline.

Summer 2011 Projects

Here are links to the progress report pages for OBF's 2011 Google Summer of Code students:

Sheena Scroggins (BioPerl)

Major BioPerl reorganization
mentored by Robert Buels and Chris Fields

Chuan Hock Koh (BioJava)

Amino Acid Physico-Chemical Properties Calculation
mentored by Peter Troshin, Andreas Prlic, and Jay Vyas

Michał Koziarski (BioRuby)

Represent bio-objects and related information with images
mentored by Raoul J.P. Bonnal and Francesco Strozzi

Justinas Vygintas Daugmaudis (Biopython)

Mocapy++ Plugin System
mentored by Thomas Hamelryck and Eric Talevich

Michele dos Santos da Silva (Biopython)

Mocapy++ BioPython Integration
mentored by Thomas Hamelryck and Eric Talevich

Mikael Eric Trellet (Biopython)

Interface analysis module for BioPython
mentored by João Rodrigues and Eric Talevich

2011 Mentor Volunteers and Project Ideas

Mentors and project ideas are hosted on each member project's wiki on a dedicated Google Summer of Code page. See each of the member projects, linked below, for more details about any project:


Note to students: project ideas on the wikis of member projects are only selected projects, albeit well thought-out ones. You are encouraged to propose your own project, just make sure it is still a contribution to one the OBF member projects (see list below)! If we like your proposal, we will try to find a mentor to help you with the project. Regardless of what you decide to do, make sure you read and follow the guidelines for students below.